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Film Production

A essential as post-production is, it could also be a hassle. But fret not, we’re here to sail you through this inevitable- looking mess. Even the greatest of the ideas need a finishing Midas touch. At Yatharth Films, we excel in film editing, sound mixing, special effects, color grading, etc. We leave no stone unturned while crafting the final project and make sure everything comes together, perfectly.

Ad Films

The art of expressing a brand in terms of a product, and keeping the audience intrigued by the skill of narration & exhibition for the B2C. The visual is the strongest of all the memories, people might forget what they’ve heard, but not what they’ve seen. Visual ads are one of the best ways to influence a global marketplace through the art of content marketing, flabbergasting cinematography, and out-of-the-box conceptualization.

Film Distribution

Distributing a film through the masses might become a hassle in your creative journey. So, let the industry experts execute it while you focus on proffering a storytelling experience so astounding that the audience is left with nothing but awes. Through our decades-old networks and contacts, Yatharth Films makes sure that you reach the right audience, at the right time, and with the right energy!

OTT(over the top) Listing

Do you have what it takes to be the brains behind the next Oscar-winning movie or web series? Well, if you’re a curious director, scriptwriter, producer, or screenplay writer, you will find out that many of the top OTT platforms like Netflix still might not even review your work. Why? To uphold quality deliverance, they only deal with the licensed literary agent, producer, attorney, manager, or entertainment executives with whom they have a pre- existing relationship.

Corporate Videos

Advertisement content-video that doesn’t look like ‘advertisement’, by businesses for businesses (B2B). For various purposes like training, instruction, tourism guides, educational modules, safety videos for employees, etc. For a corporate, being professional is an integral part to maintain their credibility and stature. So, going the extra mile would always be a smarter decision.

Music Videos

A perfect music video is something that makes a video and a song inseparable. Here at Yatharth Films, we’ve strived for many years to reach the epitome of such perfection. With music being one of our hobbies, we believe that together, we could achieve profound milestones!


Photographs that speak for themselves, that dictates an event, and triggers nostalgia! Photoshoots are the closest humanity has gotten to stopping photons in mid-air, freezing & capturing time in a digital space, at will. Technological advancements might make it easier, but true mastery is what harvests maximal benefits out of them!

VFX & Animation

An idea woven with technological marvels! Our animators use their adeptness with visual effects to their creative best to proffer a cutting edge experience. These convincing animated realities will make you question the actuality of our own existence as 3D beings! After all content creation is all about persuading, influencing, and targeting an audience./p>


At Yatharth Films, we prepare our masterpieces through various stages. We flush out the quirkiest of ideas from the uncharted corners of the most creative minds through brainstorming. These ideas are then tabulated and forged with the might of our execution powers into a reality that looks equally mystical. Our detailed research work makes augmented actuality into a bona fide experience! In its recent past, Yatharth Films has reaped a name in the industry for facilitating and commencing the listing of a fresh pool of movies, series, and pitches to top-notch OTT platforms has run promotional campaigns and brewed ingenious ideas!

Apart from our production expertise, we also excel in the marketing of a film. Usually, a distribution company is different from a production company, but owing to our branched resources, we were able to master both. This made us one of the best & most trustworthy film production, distribution, and OTT listing companies in India!


Every client is an opportunity to grow, network, and display our caliber, for us. Our involvement with high-ticket clients has resulted in persistent beings who are passionate about their work. Listed below are some of our past projects that were kickstarted with an Adrenaline rush and were concluded with the happiness of Serotonin.

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